Air massage

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Refreshing as a breeze


Our state-of-the-art perimeter air injection systems ripple lightly along your skin with a refreshing touch comparable to an ocean breeze that relieves the oppression of a balmy summer day.


You'll feel nearly weightless as thousands of bubbles waft around you, enhancing the sensation of natural buoyancy and further easing the pressure on achy muscles and joints. Meanwhile, these tiny pillows of air caress your skin to stimulate your circulatory system, revitalize your body, eliminate toxins and ensure superior relaxation. Climb aboard and ride a long easy wave into the sunset every day.


Elemental to good living

Air is one of the four classic elements of ancient Greek philosophy and science, and is considered both hot and wet – the perfect combination for any bath. It is also closely associated with the Chinese concept of Qi thought to be the life force, or breath, of man.

  • Collection

The MAAX Collection's premiere perimeter air injection system. Up to five dozen intelligently positioned air jets provide a hushed ripple of well-being by cradling your body from head to toe. Advanced check valves ensure immaculate purity making Aerofeel® the most hygienic, as well as the most delightful, system on the market.




  • 36 – 59 perimeter quiet airjets with check valves intelligently positioned to provide a gentle rippling, caressing massage
  • Air pushed through an FDA (Food and Drug Administration) tube – bringing you the most hygienic system on the market
  • Oval-shaped heated backrest
  • Automated drying cycle – activates 20 minutes after each bath session
  • Retro-lit digital control with electronic timer and multi-speeds, water detector safety block, temperature detector, and 2 – 3 memory settings for personalized massage action
  • 35% quieter than competitive systems

  • Professional

Available in the MAAX Professional line of bathtubs and tub showers, Aeroeffect® fills the bath around you with streams of therapeutic air bubbles that surround you a most exhilarating wellness experience. Designed for relaxation and peace of mind, Aeroeffect® is up to 35% quieter than competitive systems.




  • Advanced check valve technology – ensures that water does not flow back into the system
  • 3-speed air push control
  • Air pushed through an FDA (Food and Drug Administration) tube – bringing you the most hygienic system on the market
  • Automated drying cycle – activates 20 minutes after each bath session
  • 35% quieter than competitive systems
  • Everyday

Experience an effervescent mattress of comfort with this simple and affordable system designed for everyday relaxation by owners of our Advanta by MAAX tubs. Aerosens® provide pure, sparkling pleasure with up to nearly four dozen air injectors featuring an automatic drying cycle to keep the clear and clean.




  • 32 to 47 perimeter air injectors
  • 1-speed air blower
  • 1-hp
  • Everyday

Peace and quiet of mind

You'll experience peaceful quiet and peace of mind when you slip into the rippling burst of bubbles springing forth from the total body Aeroeffect therapeutic system.


Our perimeter air injection system creates an effervescent cradle for your body as it massages you with thousands of tiny relaxing and reinvigorating bubbles. As Aeroeffect runs up to 35 perfect quieter than competing systems, you are ensured a soothing and nearly silent massage. A three-speed air push control, 20-minute electronic timer and oversized oval-shaped heated backrest complete the experience. 


Aeroeffect features advanced check value technology that prevents backflow, making it the most hygienic of such systems on the market. An automatic drying cycle purges water droplet on the outside of the injectors, limiting mineral deposit buildup.

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