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Follow your nose to bliss


You breathe in, deeper than normal, and a calming warmth slides through your lungs and fills your chest. The feeling radiates, wrapping your body in its comforting blanket. You exhale and subconsciously release a contented sigh. You are at peace.


Spa goers feel this regularly – lavender at work, a staple scent for relaxation. 


Experience this or another beautiful internal journey during every bath by adding just a few drops of the essential oil of your choice to MAAX's AromaScents. Our built-in diffuser creates a gentle scented mist that guides you to the destination of your choosing. Try the cool, refreshing scent of eucalyptus to open nasal passages and clear the mind or perhaps the tangy and tart aroma of grapefruit for a boost of energy after a tiring day.


AromaScents therapy system comes optional in MAAX Collection bathtubs.

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Nothing to sniff at

Since Biblical times, aromatics have played a role in health … here and in the hereafter. The Egyptians used essential oils for embalming while leaving sealed containers of fragrances and aromatic resins in Pharaohs' tombs. To be a god in Greek mythology meant having knowledge of perfume and fragrance among your many heavenly powers. Meanwhile, people in ancient Rome, China and India used essential oils for both healing and mood enhancing purposes.


The role of aromatherapy in modern times, in fact the term itself, is credited to early 20th century French chemist Rene-Maurice Gattefosse. After burning himself while at work in a perfume factory, he doused the wound with the first liquid at hand – lavender oil. Impressed by its rapid soothing and healing properties, he began studies and touted its virtues.


How it works


A small pump

A small pump brings air to a receptacle that the user fills with water and a few drops of the chosen essential oil. When activated via the electronic control, the dispenser diffuses in the air the genuine aroma of of the essential oil.


No contact with the water

Unlike most other aromatherapy systems, AromaScents never mixes with water in the bathtub. It also operates independently or with the combination of other therapies.




The AromaScents dispenser is dishwasher safe. The air pipe leading to it stays water-free though a built-in check valve.

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